And they’re across the finish line!

With tremendous admiration, the team at Home from Home congratulate Mark Barron and David Crombie on completing the ECCT Mekong River Run.  After 62 gruelling marathons, the athletes marked the end of the final run with a celebratory swim in the South China Sea on Wednesday, 23 January 2013.

Over the last three months, these endurance athletes will have run almost 3,000 kilometres through Laos, Cambodia and South Vietnam to shine the spotlight on and raise funds for Home from Home. For a taste of the challenges; obstacles; small victories and fun moments throughout the journey, click here to view their dairy accounts on Facebook.

As this intrepid duo cross the finish line, we salute the spirit and selfless manner in which these two men have tirelessly worked to help other South Africans in need. Their dedication is exemplary, their courage commendable. Despite considerable public scepticism prior to the challenge, Mark and David have proved the ‘impossible’ possible.

If you haven’t already supported these athletes quest to raise funds for Home from Home, why not consider donating R1 for each of the 62 marathons they completed? Click here to make a donation via the Home from Home Givengain project page.