August is Challenge Month!

For the last three years, Home from Home has teamed up with local studio YogaWay, to hold a 30 Day Yoga Challenge during the month of August. For this month, individuals have been challenged to practice yoga for 30 consecutive days, whilst being sponsored by family and friends. To date, over 100 people have participated in Yoga Challenge, raising over R270 000 for Home from Home.

This year, we have decided to extend the Yoga Challenge concept to making the month of August, Challenge Month. Home from Home is asking individuals what they will do to push themselves out of their comfort zone for 30 days during August. Whether giving something up, or starting and committing to do something new, individuals partake in Challenge Month in recognition of the challenges children at Home from Home face on a daily basis. As part of Home from Home’s wider ‘Challenges for Children’ campaign, August Challenge Month gives people an opportunity to set a new habit, or intention (or break an old one!) rather than aim for one specific event such as a marathon or a cycle race.

This August supporters have already committed to practice yoga or meditation for 30 days, to give up chocolate, sugar, junk food and alcohol. What will your challenge be?!

Having set your challenge or intention, consider how you would leverage this challenge to raise funds for Home from Home’s Challenges for Children. Your could consider making a donation of what you would have spent on your ‘vice’ during the month of August; asking family and friends to sponsor your endeavor; or to simply have a look at Home from Home’s ‘shopping list’ of what a donation will provide, and commit to donating that. You could even consider building in a penalty clause, committing to an additional donation to Home from Home should you default on your commitment!

Whatever your challenge and however you choose to donate towards the work of Home from Home, we would love to have you on board for Challenge Month during the month of August!  To register your challenge visit 

For further details on Home from Home’s Challenges for Children  email  or contact our offices on 021 761 1581.