Back to School News

There were big smiles all round in January as our children started the new school year. Back to School is always an exciting time for us at Home from Home, especially for those families with little ones who are heading off to Grade 1 to start their school career! This year we were thrilled to be able to provide our learners with new school uniforms and stationery packs, thanks to generous support from our donors who very kindly covered all these costs.

Supplying our children with uniforms that fit them, and that are in good condition, is such an important start for the year. Also ensuring that their backpacks are full with the stationery items they need is a wonderful thing to be able to provide and a huge help to our foster mothers.   

This year our Education and Programme teams will continue to focus on ensuring that all our children receive educational assessments, which will help us to identify which children are struggling and may need extra educational support. A new extra maths programme is also currently being rolled out in some of our homes, and we look forward to being able to report on how the children are progressing later on this year.