Hear Hear

We at Home from Home would like to extend our special thanks to Hear In Africa for assisting us in carrying out hearing tests for our children. This programme was implemented in January, testing the children in our Khayelitsha homes. Hear in Africa provides community-based audiology services to non-profit organisations in order to address the urgent and growing crisis of hearing loss in underprivileged communities. Very often hearing issues go undiagnosed and can affect language and speech development, as well as the children’s performance and behaviour at school.

The screening process is quick and simple and relies on an app which is conveniently loaded onto a smartphone. All it takes is just five minutes and any teacher or caregiver can be trained in how to carry out the testing. We recently discovered that one of our children had total hearing loss in one ear, which will require a hearing aid, while others simply suffered from wax build-up affecting their ability to hear. With this new initiative we can ensure that children who do not pass their hearing screenings are then referred to specialists for treatment. Plus, the great news is that as this programme is rolled out, children from all our homes will be tested.