Ice-skating and Olympic fun

Taking our older teenagers on their first ever ice-skating excursion was another fantastic activity. It was so heart-warming to see their bright beaming smiles as they tackled this new experience – and we were amazed to find that we have one or two natural ice-skaters who, by the end of their session, were able to skate backwards, as well as do a few tricks!

We also used this as an opportunity to teach budgeting skills to the children. Each teen was given R50 to spend on lunch, to buy whatever they wanted. But, they had to bring back their change and their slips so that we could all compare and see who managed to get more from their budget. As we prepare our children for the outside world, this was an exercise that made them much more aware of how important it is to think before spending.

Our Tweens, between the ages of 9 – 12, got into the spirit of the Olympics with a specially designed Olympics day. With the help of volunteers from African Impact we were able to involve our children in a small scale Olympics tournament. The children were divided into teams and competed in a few different Olympic sports to win the Olympic torch. This was such a wonderfully fun and educational day for them!