Preparing for the Future

Creche graduation

It was a very special moment for all of us as we recently celebrated the graduation of our learners from the Home from Home Day Care Centre. It was an adorable event that highlighted the promise and hope that each child carries with them. As we all know, education is such a key component of youth development that affects the future prospects of our society. But, even more than that, we were so very proud to see the happiness from the learners, as well as their parents – and you really can’t imagine how excited the children are to be moving on to Grade R next year!

Creche graduation, Foster Mothers

We also saw a few of our older Home from Home children graduate from Grade 7. They will enter High School next year to tackle their most challenging phase of education and we wish them the very best of luck!

Grade 7 graduation

In order to assist our children with their education needs, we have implemented an Education Support Program which includes tutor support, psychological support, educational assessments and an individualised education plan. Some of our children and youth also require therapeutic intervention which may involve Play, Speech or Occupational Therapy – whilst other children may require medical intervention by specialists, such as audiologists, optometrists or dentists, as all of these factors can influence the educational development of each child. By providing our youth with the necessary therapeutic intervention, we are seeing our youth reach their potential which is just wonderful.