Support the 30 Day Yoga Challenge Now!

Yogaway and Home from Home have teamed up for the month of August to bring Cape Town the 30 Day Yoga Challenge. We are looking for 30 keen, enthusiastic individuals who are prepared to take the challenge and commit to practice yoga every day for 30 days. Yogaway will be offering a special package with classes available to attend every day of the week, and on the days you can’t get to class, we ask you to commit to practice at home.

As well as getting all the incredible benefits of a daily yoga practice and our participants pushing themselves to the next level, they will be raising money to cover the running costs of our new home in Westlake for its first year. Our goal is for each of our 30 participants to raise R3000 each, together giving us a fundraising total of R90,000 – enough to care for a family of 6 children for a year!

If you’d like to participate please contact Sheree at the office, or if you don’t live in Cape Town, or yoga just isn’t your thing, please click here where you can sponsor one of our willing yogis to raise funds for Home from Home.