Teambuilding for our teens

Oodles of Easter fun

Over the Easter break, our teens took part in a delicious teambuilding ‘potjie’* competition at Wynberg Park. Each group had to choose a recipe and allocate duties; from manning the fire, collecting and preparing the ingredients, spicing the meat and cooking the meal. Our judges awarded each group with different accolades based on taste, presentation and originality of the dish. Overall it was an excellent exercise in not only teamwork, but in basic cooking skills and budgeting as well. These are all valuable life skills our teens need to learn, as part of their transition into independent young adults, and we’re so proud of them for doing such a great job!

*(A ‘potjie’ translates to a ‘small pot food’ and is a dish that is prepared outdoors over a fire in a cast iron, three-legged pot. The dish is slow cooked, and consists of a variety of vegetables and/or meat.)

As part of our transitions programme, we also recently facilitated a teen workshop in our newly renovated therapy room and garden. The teens worked on posters and discussed their individual strengths and interests in a group setting – sparking discussions about what they might like to do when they leave school, and how they should best utilise their unique strengths for success in whatever path they choose.