Back to school

We were thrilled to be able to send two of our children to a new school in the middle of this year, thanks to a generous sponsor who is paying for their school fees.

Both of these children (age 11 and 14) are affected by Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and they were not coping in their mainstream school. Due to their special needs, it was decided that they needed intervention from a specialised education school. They are now attending the Assisted Learning Centre, which provides focused and individualised attention in small learning groups. We simply cannot believe the change in these two children in this short space of time! Their confidence has grown in leaps and bounds and they are both eager and excited to attend school every day and we look forward to their report results at the end of the term. Our social worker has told us that she feels that, without a doubt, the course of these children’s lives have been changed for the better, in the space of just a few short months – and we are so excited to see them progress even further!