Jason’s story

Jasons Story

Jason is a 13-year-old boy living in one of our homes. He joined Home from Home in 2017, along with his sister, after being very badly neglected by their parents. He is affected by Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and is HIV positive. Due to the neglect Jason suffered when he was younger, he had a shaky educational foundation on which to build his schooling career. He is currently in grade 4 at one of the local schools, where he attends the resource class for those children who struggle with their schoolwork.

Earlier this year Jason was assessed by an educational psychologist upon the recommendation of Home from Home, and it was decided that he should start speech therapy. He began weekly speech therapy sessions in May to help him with his educational delays.

In these sessions, Jason started off learning the basics like phonics and later progressed onto reading and pronunciations. We are so pleased to report that the results of this intervention have been astonishing. Jason’s schoolwork is improving and his self-confidence has grown in leaps and bounds. He is now chatty with his speech therapists, foster mother and siblings – a stark contrast to the quiet and introverted boy he was a few months ago.

Jason reiterates the importance of providing each and every child with the individual care and interventions they need. Success stories such as Jason’s make us confident that the course of these vulnerable children’s lives can be changed, just by making small differences.