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at Home from Home

Latest News

At Home from Home, we have been very well supported in meeting the challenges that Covid has brought upon us thus far. However, after realising the extended nature of this pandemic, we anticipated the economic impact that would follow down the line.

In fact, the Department of Social Development (DSD) was quoted in the news, late last year, predicting that 25% of the NGO sector may be forced to close their doors. These economic repercussions started to happen quite significantly for Home from Home from the latter half of last year. Some donors had to reduce or withdraw their funding due to economic pressures. Most recently, in March, we heard that our most significant annual donor, who has supported us since our inception, 16 years ago, has had to close their business.

In light of this, we appeal for your support to secure the core of our business – our 36 Loving Family Foster Homes that support almost 200 vulnerable, neglected and/or abused children. Please help us to ensure that none of our homes need to be closed because of this economic pressure. We are determined to keep all our magnificent Foster Mothers in our employ and caring for the many children that need our help.

Average Monthly Expense
Children’s Development: R1 900 (includes therapy and medical treatment)
Housekeeping: R6 700 (includes water, electricity and groceries)
Educational Expenses: R3 300 (includes connectivity in the homes, school fees and school transport)
Employee cost: R9 500

Donate towards one of the monthly expenses and support a loving foster home and provide some of the most marginalised and vulnerable children a second chance of having family.

To be part of this rewarding experience of supporting a loving family foster home, please send an email to info@homefromhome.org.za

For the Love of Art – The Orange Art Project

The Orange Art Project – a unique and colourful exhibition took place at the Spin Street Gallery in Cape Town, from 3rd to 13th February this year. It was open to the public and received great attention both locally and abroad!

This fascinating art project was the brainchild of Jill Trappler, an established South African artist who encouraged 8 artists from the Orange Art Group to assist her in introducing the joy of creativity to some of our Home from Home children in communities across the city during lockdown last year. The children ranged in age from 3 to 18 years old.

This initiative came about as a result of social distancing and the being restricted to staying home during the first and second wave of the pandemic. Imagine being a foster mother to six children who were all staying indoors and getting bored and having to become a teacher with limited online schooling support.

The three month pilot project was initially started in 6 of our foster homes and soon grew organically to 12 homes as the message spread within the organization and the fun and benefits were experienced.

The National Arts Council was interested in the social cohesion focus of the project and provided much needed funding.

“We are part of the same society and this exercise in visual literacy is so important” says Jill, enthusiastically. “It was wonderful to witness the development over eight months and observe how art became part of the children’s homes and their lives. Observing the foster families experience an exhibition for the first time and seeing the joy at recognizing their art work was unforgettable!”

The frequency of the art classes varied and initially the teaching was conducted via Whatsapp which was not easy but as a rapport had been established, great progress was made. In October, many of the teachers were able to conduct the lessons in person which made an enormous difference.

Jill is on a mission to secure further funding to expand this art project to all of our foster homes. She watched in awe as some truly amazing changes took place. Children were learning about shapes and proportion which helps with maths and being taught about trees and ecology and the ocean.

The art instruction was not outcomes based and the children were encouraged to paint whatever appealed to them whether it be a bowl of fruit, a self-portrait, an image of the sea or a collage of their ideal home.

12 foster homes, 60 children, 8 artists, 347 art works over 8 months

“This is not about what it is, this is about what it can become” Dr Seuss

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