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Competing in the in the National Life Saving Champs was going to be a dream come true!

 “My dreams changed suddenly when Covid-19 became a pandemic and our President took action to firstly, slow down the virus by prohibiting sporting events and discouraging domestic travel and then introducing Lock Down.”

Amaza was training six times a week for two hours a day and loving it. The life-saving drills were fun and challenging and she was enjoying getting into peak fitness. “It’s really tough not to be able to go outside and run or swim” the young athlete enthuses despite the Lock Down.

When Amaza was eleven years old, she nearly drowned during a swimming outing with her siblings. It was a scary experience for all. Thereafter, all the children received swimming lessons which were sponsored by a German couple who have been part of the Home from Home family for many years. Amaza soon grew to love the water and became a strong swimmer. Fast forward six years and, after learning to surf and then joining a life-saving organization, she was recently selected for the Western Cape Junior Life Saving team!  She never thought this could be possible but was so determined and had a goal and vision for herself. She feels proud of her achievements and knows that if she keeps doing some daily training in her backyard, when life returns to normal again, there will be new opportunities in the future for her. She is determined not to lose heart.

Amaza enjoys school and her favourite subjects are English and Xhosa. She will be in Matric next year and after school, hopes to study a Sports Science degree or Marine Biology. These are the subjects she is most passionate about.

“I have a dream and I plan to stick to it” She says. I have had some hard knocks in life but I feel blessed to be a resilient person who keeps going no matter what!”

“I am also so grateful for HomeFromHome and the love and support I have received over the years. It is wonderful to be part of a caring family. It has made all the difference in my life.”

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