The Story of Brian


The Story of Brian

Brian’s life has changed dramatically since his arrival at Victoria Hospital as a very ill toddler. He was born in Beaufort West and was sick and neglected. His mother died and little is known about his father.
He was then placed at a home for terminally ill and his older sister (30) would visit him from time to time but stopped these visits because she was worried that he was going to die. Once his condition was treated his health improved significantly.

In November 2006, at three years old, he was moved to Home from Home foster house in Metro North, Cape Town. Brian has three much older biological brothers too and more regular contact with them would be ideal for his well-being.

Brian is in his last year of skills school, year level 4. He plans to move to the Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) in 2022 and continue practicing his art. He has an idea of being a street artist. From our side, we are working on finding an art school that will develop his skills even more. And ensure that he is well prepared for his transition for next year. 

Brian is eager to see his family but they are not very forthcoming. They promise to visit and then don’t arrive so he is not told about these potential visits so as not to be disappointed. He is good friends with his much younger foster brother Leroy who follows him around all the time. He is his big brother and really looks up to Brian!

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