Creating opportunities

for a positive future

Strong family

values are formed 

at Home from Home

Our foster mothers

epitomize the

values of Ubuntu 

We provide safe

and nurturing

family-based care

Our Vision: 

A world in which every child has a safe home and a loving family

At Home from Home, we believe strongly in the power of family.

Since 2005, our organisation has successfully provided supported, family-style foster care to orphaned, abused, neglected and vulnerable children.

We have grown significantly over the years and now run 36 homes in the greater Western Cape region of South Africa. This translates into around 200 children receiving our care.

In South Africa, where the numbers of orphaned, abandoned and neglected children are staggering, it is crucial to tap into the natural resilience, hope and sense of community that exists. The African philosophy of Ubuntu, of being interconnected and sharing sense of compassion and community is at the core of our purpose in building loving families.

The success of our work has resulted in numerous organisations in South Africa using our Model of Care.

Our Values


We are warm, welcoming, friendly and patient so that people don’t ever feel uncomfortable or threatened by us. We are respectful of others strengths, time, expertise, opinions and personal circumstances and respond to them accordingly. We recognise that our jobs are at times difficult and understand that we all experience frustrations from time to time, but we stay committed to the bigger picture and to interacting with all stakeholders in a caring and respectful manner.


We recognise that it takes a village to raise a child and that we are better together than we are apart. We encourage collaboration and build strong relationships with our partners and stakeholders to unlock synergies and share learnings. We have an inclusive and supportive working environment and we respect each other’s strengths and limitations, understanding that each of us has a role to play. We recognise that we do not hold all the answers and as such we are open to listening to each other and sharing ideas.


We recognise that our work is a long term journey and we are committed to walking the path with our children and our staff. We keep our word and we follow through on our promises. We go the extra mile, we explore all possible avenues and we don’t give up.


We value our family members which include staff, associates, supporters and our children, and the role that they play in making Home from Home a success. We show gratitude by acknowledging their hard work, sacrifices and commitment by thanking them in the most appropriate manner. We appreciate our donors and supporters and recognise the time it took and that someone had a choice – they didn’t have to do what they did for us. We show them this appreciation through thoughtful and personal communication.


Integrity is a corner stone of our organisation and something that we expect from all staff members and partners. We are honest and fair and we do not compromise our family values; we are brave enough to defend these values, even if it means having an uncomfortable conversation. We are known for our integrity in the wider community and are therefore open for public scrutiny. Our donors trust us to spend their money wisely and to report accurately on spend and impact.


As a non-profit organisation, we value accountability from an organisational level as well as an individual level. We accept full responsibility for our actions and decisions and make ourselves available to account for these decisions if called upon. We are transparent, upfront and honest with our donors, supporters, beneficiaries, partners, government and fellow team members. Our basic financial information and governance structure are open for public scrutiny.


We are committed to always improving our model of care which requires us to be innovative and open to knowledge sharing. We trust our staff to uphold and understand our family values. At Home from Home we are proud of our organisation, but we are humble enough to realise that we do not have all the answers. We encourage staff to share new ideas and explore new partnerships and collaborations. We value and support our staff so that they are able to shine.

Home from Home 

Our Model of Care

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